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I applied for a job on Indeed about two months ago, for which I had to apply for through Kelly Services. The next day, I received a call from Kelly Services asking me to come in and interview for this position. When I came in for the interview, which was the following day, I was told that the position had already been filled, but they had another position available and she would submit my resume for that one. I received a call the next day from Kelly services asking me to come in for an interview again the following day (applied Sunday, got a call Monday, interviewed Tuesday, was called on Wednesday, interviewed again on Thursday). This time I interviewed with the department manager for the company that I would potentially be working for. The interview went great- he took me on a tour of the company, had me sit in with someone in the position I was interviewing for, introduced me to his colleagues, and had already alluded to promoting me once my temp time was up. He said that I would hear from a Kelly rep by Monday at the latest to start the hiring process. Before I left, the Kelly employee asked me if I had filled out an application yet. I said that I had only submitted my resume. She emailed me an application and the proficiency tests to take. I didn’t hear anything back the whole next week. The following Monday, I called Kelly services and left a voicemail for the rep I had spoken with. She never called me back. A few days later, I debated calling the department manager that I had interviewed with- a risky move, but like I said, the interview went exceptionally well, so I did. I talked to him and he reiterated that the interview went well and that I should have heard back from Kelly and to give it another day or two. He said that he was looking forward to adding me to his team.

Three weeks later, I received a call from Kelly Services, and she apologized for the delay, but said that they wanted to proceed with the hiring process. I still wanted the job, and I said that it wasn’t a problem. She said that she just needed to touch base with the department manager to get all the paperwork together and find out the date they wanted me to start and that she would call me back on Monday (this was on a Friday). Monday came and she didn’t call. I sent an email, but she didn’t respond.

TWO WEEKS LATER, she called me and apologized for the delay once again and said that they were ready to start the process to hire me. By this time, I had just started another temp job, and had pretty much given up on this position. But, I still wanted this job, so I said ok. She said she needed me to come in that day to fill out an application (WTF?) and sign the forms to give permission for the background and drug screens. I explained that I had just started this position and she agreed to email me the forms that I needed to fill out, which was nice of her. I filled them out and sent them back and looked over the list of places that I could go to take the drug test (all of which closed before 5 and were only open M-F). One of them was down the street from my job, so I was able to go down on my lunch hour.

After I took the drug test, which was last week, the lady from Kelly services called me on Friday and said that they were officially offering me the position and that I was going to be starting next Monday. She left a voicemail and I had to call her back but it went to her voicemail. I left a message, but she didn’t call me back. Yesterday, I sent an email and today I called again and she finally called me back. I simply needed to know if next Monday was for sure, without a doubt, the day I was starting. I need to let this place know and I don’t want to just not ever show up again- it’s bad form. So, when she called me back, she said that they wanted me to start on Monday but she had run into some problems. She said that she had been requesting my transcripts but had not gotten any responses. I said that I can call and request them also if she would like (I have never had an issue getting my transcripts). Then she said that they had been unable to verify my work history- I figured that maybe one or two jobs in the last ten years might be difficult, due to closing or whatever, but no. She proceeded to list off EVERY JOB I HAVE HAD IN THE LAST DECADE! She then asked me to contact the IRS and request a wage and income verification to be faxed to her. By Friday, or the offer will likely be rescinded. I said that I would try to get the information she needed on time. I looked on the IRS website and I didn’t find a wage and income verification form request, but they will only mail any kind of transcript request anyhow, meaning it won’t be here by Friday regardless. I really wanted this job, but I am so mad right now that I am fighting the urge to tell Kelly services that they don’t have to bother rescinding the offer because I am rescinding my application. Further, I am seriously considering calling the company directly and telling them that if they want me, I want a direct hire only and I will explain this whole long list of nonsense to them.

The conclusion that I came to after thinking about this all day is that either, A.) Kelly Services wants to save a few bucks by making me pay for the background information that they are requesting, or B.) She didn’t do it to begin with and is getting in trouble for it. Secondly, if the situation were reversed and I were hiring a new employee, I certainly would not extend an offer to someone who, for all intents and purposes, doesn’t exist on paper! Third, me not existing on paper is complete crap, unless there is a very serious error somewhere that I need to know about. I’m done with my rant- maybe I dodged a bullet. And maybe I just lost out on a great job. Either way, my patience has run out with Kelly Services.

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