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I ordered a pair of ugg boots for $145 on 13th June 2016 and they were GARBAGE QUALITY.

The company’s logo was stitched on to the back of the shoe and it dug in to your heels as you walked, within 15 MINUTES my heels began to blister. Additionally, the soles of the shoe didn’t support my weight evenly and my feet would invert inwards over the sole instead of my foot actually being firmly pressed on to the sole (if that makes sense). Another major issue of the boots is that the soles are made out of easily degradable material. Within that 15 minutes of walking on concrete the whole sole was beginning to fray and wear away, I could even ever so gently press my thumbnail in to the sole and it would literally make a permanent indent in it.

Now the reason why I’m so irritated is that that refused to give me a refund within the 30 day money back guarantee. I ordered a size lower than what my size is and they suggested that I ‘use them until they stretch to fit my foot’, so that’s exactly what I did. I went for a short walk to see if they were comfortable and came back with the soles damaged (from atrocious, fragile material). After establishing that were terrible quality shoes, I asked them if they would still consider the shoes in new condition and accept my refund if I sent them pictures of the shoes, which would allow me to avoid paying them an additional 12 dollars and shipping fees both ways again. They replied my email with a copy and paste message which didn’t directly answer my question, merely rudely insisting that I ‘read the company’s policy’, which essentially confirmed that I wouldn’t be able to send them back because they ‘weren’t in new condition’.

How can a customer confirm that they are happy with the product unless they actually use it? How can a customer tell if they enjoy the shoes they purchased if they are unable to USE the product to see if it cripples their feet or not? And after used for 5 minutes, the material crumbles right before your very eyes which ensures your refusal of a money back guarantee? A sham I say.

Additionally, the customer service is TERRIBLE. I called them once every 20 minutes for 4-5 hours with no avail, and only got copy and pasted emails sent to me which didn’t help me in the slightest.

TLDR; These ugg boots cost me $120, ($145 with shipping) and it was THOROUGHLY not worth the purchase. The shoes are made from poor quality material and are designed to injure your feet. Go to your local store, they sell ugg boots for cheaper which are easily 10x better quality as i found out after I purchased the product. The customer service is non-existent and clearly doesn’t value the customer.

DO NOT purchase from this company.

Found At: Kenggi Australia – Ugg Boot purchase and delivery

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