United Medical Center - negligence

The cleaners did not enter my home after the pandemic hit until May 2020. They worked for me about 6 years with no problems. I noticed my deceased husband’s wedding ring was gone. On Easter Sunday, when I returned to church after more than a year, I noticed 2 gold crosses with chains, gone. I looked more and a gold medallion and chain, 18 K, from Italy, gone. There may be more items that I haven’t noticed yet. Only me and the cleaners have entered my bedroom. My deductible is too high so I get nothing from my insurance. I did file a police report. I also contacted Eva, the boss of the company, and asked her to look into it and let me know. Of course, I never heard back from her. These pieces if jewelry were purchased 25 to 50 years ago. I have no receipts or photos. My husband passed April 7, 2020. The address where the theft happened is 611 Ardis Ave., San Jose, CA.

Found At: Kevin House Cleaning – They were great cleaners but they stole from me.

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