Shangri-la nail spa sign at choa chu Kang Ave 4 - Dishornest claims on Nair removal

This is NOT a Complaint

I am just bringing this to the ATTENTION of the Playboy company. I was looking for a young lady that I meet in Kiev, Ukraine and it was told to me that she might be a professional escort, so I went looking for her image and that is when I came across this. If you go to the site kiev escort guide . com you will find an Image of the 3 girls featured in the show GIRLS NEXT DOOR image of Holly Madison, Bridget Marquet, and Kendra Wilkerson there is a picture of the girls and it is like a header to the ESCORT SITE. As a person that is in the public eye myself my image is everything and I am almost sure that this company did not seek permission to display this image of the girls it also makes them out to look like they are ESCORTS at this agency. I wanted you to know about this and take action if you deem so. If you need any further assistanct you may contact me at ford _ olinger @ yahoo I have one small request please keep my name out of the discussion as I said I am searching for this young lady and if she is in some way involved with this Escort Service I don’t want any harm to possible come to her. So Please keep me out as much as possible Thank You.
Ford H. Olinger

e mail www ford _ olinger @ yahoo contact me if needed…
Site where pics are www kiev escort guide . com

Found At: Kiev Escort Guide – NO COMPLAINT

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