I had a warranty with kitchen aid for the above mentioned refrigerator under contract # [protected]. It was found that there is a problem with ice dispenser. So the technician visited our house and found that the door of the appliance needs to be replaced due to water leaking into the electronics and corroding the wires in the door system. Hence the door of the appliance needs to be replaced. He placed the order for the part from the factory and informed us that the job will be completed in sometime in the middle of January 2016 (some 6 to 8 weeks later when the new part is received). Suddenly two weeks ago there was a message on our voice mail informing that we will be contacted as the part is not available – something like that which was not very clearly decipherable. As we were to take a trip we decided to check with the company what was happening for the repair of the refrigerator under warranty. To my great surprise and shock I was informed that the part of the appliance is not available, so the warranty money is returned to your credit card. Is this how warranty works? The refrigerator was bought brand new in 2007 and suddenly the parts are not available for the refrigerator? If the parts are not available the whole unit should be replaced as it is under warranty without any further cost to the customer, and what about the inconvenience we are experiencing all this time? What kind of quality appliances are manufactured by the company that the appliances become inoperable within eight years? And no spares are available? I politely request that the company must replace the refrigerator at no cost as the unit failed to operate in such a short time and under warranty. Madhusoodan H. Bhatt e-mail: [protected]@hotmail.Com

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Found At: KitchenAid – model # kssc42qtso2, serial # qw2014030

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