Bought the Refridgerator from Shore Appliance, Ocean View, Delaware on12/18/2019 installed 12/21/2019. Had first service call as ice was sticking on 6/03/2020 replaced seal at top of ice room. Called 2/03/2021 had water leaking unto crisper drawer and ice basket replaced plate and gasket did not resolve called on 3/3/2021 came out and took out the icemaker unit decided that’s where the water was leaking into icemaker and crisper needed a new valve. When he reinstalled the icemaker we were without ice for a week. He returned on 3/10 to install valve and we still don’t have any ice Problem still not solved Shore Appliance states we needed to call KitchenAid which we have but still not getting anywhere. No Help from KitchenAid. Sorry to say I am very uncomfortable with KitchenAid mainly because we had also bought KitchenAid microwave, dishwasher and oven we bought your products thinking it was a good quality product we are just wondering if we could have gotten a lemon please explain

Found At: KitchenAid – Refrigerator model: KRMF706EBS01 S/N: L90900694

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