We have a 2 and a half year old Kitchenaid side-by-side refrigerator that we have been very happy with. Recently, the ice maker stopped making ice. We had a repairman come to evaluate the issue, and he discovered severed wires at the bottom of the freezer door as the origin of the issue. He commented that this was a known design flaw of our type of Kitchenaid refrigerator, and that the problem can only be corrected by a replacement freezer door. And if replaced, the same problem may well reoccur. And, if additional wires are severed, the entire refrigerator will stop working.

He was quoted $1, 313 for a replacement door part that would also require substantial repair time as only part of the door gets replaced, and the older parts need to be removed from the door and placed in the new door. It apparently is not a simple process.

Totally disappointed that we purchased a Kitchenaid based upon our belief in their quality only to find a known design flaw that costs well over $1, 000 to repair, and after having the refrigerator for only 2 1/2 years.

Originally filed compliant under Whirlpool (that owns KitchenAid), but no response. Chat function on their website doesn’t work, and over 30 minutes on the “help” line without an agent.

Found At: KitchenAid – Side-by-side refrigerator (krsc500ess01)

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