BEWARE of! I placed an order for a range hood which appeared to be ductless – we read the description VERY carefully, and we were certain of our purchase. But WHEN WE GOT IT we saw it was “convertible” venting. We returned it with the intention of re-ordering the ductless series of the same model. However, when we were ready to return and ready to reorder, the model with the size we needed was no longer sold on their website! AND now the description of the one we got was clearly not ductless. Hmmmm.

SO, KEPT 25% ($102.25) PLUS their shipping cost. Let’s see…they must claim to have paid $81.75 for shipping because out of my $409 order, THEY REFUNDED ONLY $215 to me! This is unfair, especially in these economic times. By the way, when I returned it, I paid $30 to get it there in 5 days.

When I emailed them I (eventually) got brief uncaring responses. I even tried calling but got a recording every time and when I finally left a message, NO ONE called me back. It seems to me they have my money and they have their product back and they are done with me.

I WANTed to re-order a replacement from them – then they would have kept only 15%. I couldn’t believe the item was no longer available – I had searched for a MONTH before purchasing looking for just the right rangehood and I probably looked at everything on the site and every time the Windster 208F 30-inch was always listed then and now that I need it it is suddenly gone from the site. I asked when/if it would be available again and if I could reorder and get some of the 25% returned – My question was unanswered – but I certainly know every word of their return policy now!

As of today, I still have no rangehood and I think I will go to a local Lowes -or maybe the new Ikea store- and use the $215 to purchase a cheap rangehood.

So my advice is to SHOP LOCALLY for large items such as this – where you know the return policy and have face to face service! And, most importantly, beware of and their return policy!

Found At: – Return Policy is 25% plus shipping charges

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