I have filed a case with the eeoc back in Sept 07 I was just fire on 2/4/08 for basically no reason they said in the write up that I did not do what was asked of me which I did and have e-mails to prove it, they said I used unprofessional language by using the word coward and for pointing my finger at the store manager for telling me to (shut up) This was a plan by my supervisor and the regional manager and the district HR manager to push me out they have tried on many occasion to make me quick and pushing my buttons now we have a new white manager she has teamed up with the rest to get me out of the store. I have been on write ups for situations that were ok’d and still been written up for them. I have constantly complained through the chain of command and been punished for it and singled out. I had peers ask for my help and they were told no James will not be a good source to help. I have never been asked to attend a mangers development class or round table but white peers who I have been there longer than and more productive than they are were asked and sent to these classes. My district manager and the regional manager and hr manager all three have a past relationship from a previous company and there fore I believe my complaints against my manager were not taken seriously. There is a situation where I told my manager a shoplifter’s mother who was black wanted to speak with him about the case and to see if the charges could be dropped he said no. Now another case same situation the family was white and he told the loss prevention supervisor in that case was told to drop the charges. I then caught an associate that came with the new store manager from another store stealing; on 2/1/08 I got her live leaving the store with shoes she did not pay for. Now she is back at work after the blacks I caught stealing got fire and could not return there is also a case in which a white female got caught stealing and her parents complained and the charges were dropped so she would not have a criminal record. Blacks asks if I can drop charges the answer is no but this white female they gladly drop charges. I CAN NOT AFFORD A LAWYER AND ALL WANT UP FRONT PAYMENT. Now the EEOC has pushed me away due to them trying to cover up wrongdoing by there employees and not investigating my case and solely going on what Kohl’s had told them.

Found At: Kohl’s – firing employees without reason

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