I have been a regular customer of Kroger for 6 years. I have had numerous issues with the staff, problems with digital coupons not coming off my receipts, rude employees, incompetent managers, etc. Today, I am writing to you about a very unpleasant experience I had with an employee at the Customer Service desk yesterday evening. My husband came home from shopping and realized that an item (juice) that he paid for was not put in his cart. The store policy is when that happens to call the store so they can make a note with your name on it so it has been recorded when you come back to get the item with your receipt. I followed the normal protocol and called the Kroger customer desk around 7:30 p.m. I told him the juice had not been put in our cart and asked him to make a note about it with our name on it and we would stop by the following day to pick it up. I also mentioned that they were to put a raincheck for private selection cheesecake (4.99) in the grocery bag but after checking all bags, it was not there-I asked him to notate that as well because it was the last day of the sale and to make sure he noted this as well because they don’t give rainchecks once the sale is over. The boy I spoke with was extremely rude, argumentative and sarcastic and refused to make note of the juice and raincheck. Before he hung up on me, I asked for his name and he said it was “George”. I immediately called back to speak to a manager about how this employee treated me and I was very upset and felt very disrespected. The phone rang over 25-30 times before a young lady answered and I asked to speak to a manager; she stated there were no managers or assistant managers in the store and they leave around 5 p.m. I told her what just happened during my phone call with “George” and asked if he was still at the customer service desk. She was being very evasive, unhelpful and avoided giving me straight answers. I asked again if there was an employee answering the phones by the name of George and there was a long pause, so long that I asked her why she couldn’t answer a simple question. She said she was sorry but she didn’t usually answer phones; again I asked if there was an employee named “George” and she reluctantly said yes, there is an employee by that name that is answering phones at the customer service desk. She said I could call back the next day when a manager is in the store and talk to him about my upsetting experience with one of your employees. As it turns out when my husband went in today, with his receipt, to get the juice that had not been placed in the cart (this happens on a regular basis, purchased items not being placed in cart by employees), – the employee that was working at customer service (Laura, who is a very unpleasant employee to deal with!) asked for the receipt to prove the juice had been paid for and asked if we had called last night to notify customer service it had not been placed in the cart and who we spoke with. My husband said yes, my wife called and the person’s name is on the back of the receipt. She rudely said we have no employees by the name of “George” inferring we were lying about calling. Apparently, the employee I spoke with last night gave me a false name, which doesn’t surprise me considering the negative history of this particular Kroger. She finally agreed to give him the juice as if she was doing us some great favor. I will tell you that if there were any other grocery store in our little town, I would shop there instead in a heartbeat! There is always some kind of problem when we shop there, whether it’s a problem with our receipt, items are routinely out of stock or “their store doesn’t carry an item”, rude employees, difficulty in finding someone when you need help… This particular store location is one of the worst places I have ever shopped and if I had any other choices, again, I would not give Kroger my business ever again! I believe the employees and the managers need to be retrained to better serve your customers or hire better staff members.

Found At: Kroger – customer service desk

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