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Recently, I was treated less than professional by your store Manager. I was refused a rain check for 2/$5 Butterball Smoked Turkey Sausage because it wasn’t in the print add.

I attempted to explain that I look at what is advertised & emailed to me by Food4Less/Kroger. The printed add, if not left in my hallway, only see when I come into your store. The print add is couple pages and couldn’t very well cover everything on sale like Jewel does.

The Item was clearly marked on sale but all of the displays were empty and I think that it was only the 2nd or 3rd day of the current Sale to run through the following Tuesday.

The item mentioned above was advertised in the SAME add as the Land O Lakes Butter 2/$5.

Sometimes sale items may be advertised in a commercial. Someone needs to retrain this Manager that Kroger advertises through online media and it should be honored. He did not make me feel valued and went on to the next customer. I left & drove all the way to Jewel to buy my turkey sausages.

So much sells out so fast because people with Assistance are shopping with 2 & 3 shopping carts, I’m not! I’m on disability using my cash or cash on my card.

-Maybe there should be a limit of 2 or 4 per person in lieu of 5 or unlimited.
-Put some comment cards at Customer Service, Deli, Meat & Produce Depts.

I like the restructuring of Produce! These past 2 weeks are the best quality of green peppers that you have had in years! Why can’t ALL products be labeled with prices and more scales be added?

I spend more at Jewel because I save from $5 -$30 EVERY visit. Lately I have saved only 0 or .50c in Food4Less!

Someone needs to recalibrate your computers & receipts to reflect TOTAL savings like Jewel does! I will try to attach my Screenshots of the emailed sales from your company or I can email or text to someone directly. If you don’t understand and want to view my Jewel receipts let me know, we receive paper & emailed receipts.

I would like to see these products added & an explanation why Town Crackers were removed over-night:
Lee & Perrins Worcester’s Sauce – Low Sodium
Folgers Instant Coffee Pks – in Decaf
Knorr’s- Teriyaki Rice
(Assuming Kroger wants to be health conscious!)!
Jewel has pre-printed Rain-checks for popular items that sell out quickly – saves a lot of time for the store and customers.

I expect an explanation and an apology.
Guyletta Waller

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