Kwik Kar

I called the place and asked for service to my coolant system and an oil change. They said they would hook it up to the machine and clean it out. I watched them the entire time and not once did they hook it up to a machine up. They said it would take too long so they did it manually, which took almost 2 hours and I could have done at home. One employee told me he was going to do it manually because the hoses were black and he couldnt see if it was actually clean, while another told me that he couldnt hook it up to the machine due to the type of engine I have. They never mentioned a disposal fee which they tacked on the bill, even though the antifreeze I had in there was flowing all over the ground and not disposed of properly. The oil change was also not taken seriously. They just changed it and didnt check all of the other things the receipt says they checked. After all the BS I was fed with the hoses, the block type and the unchecked items, I was still charged full price and the cooling system still not clean nor are the items checked. I would like to receive a phone call from someone higher than the people in the shop. I have always gone to kwik kar and have never, ever had this happen. This is a high inconvenience to me and my wallet.

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