Kwik Kar

So I go to this Kwik Kar for a $35 platinum wash yesterday which include floor mat wash. After wash I find they not only did not clean the rear floor mats, but managed to loose one of retaining devices on driver side floor mat. So I complain to manager and she goes to investigate. An hour later she tells me to fill out a form and she will call me at close of business today or early tomorrow. I call back today since nobody attempted to contact me and get ahold of acting manager Eddie. He tells me he’ll order another car mat and I tell him I don’t think that will be necessary since I am just missing one little part and agree to drive my vehicle back to the business. I get there and Eddie tells me he just talked to manger from previous day and “they will not be able to do anything”. Horrible business practice. I bout 4 of the little retaining devices off Amazon for $8.99. Do not use this business, they not only do not care if they do the job, but you may not even leave the place with your vehicle intact.

Found At: Kwik Kar – Platinum car wash

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