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We stayed at the La Quinta Inn in Birmingham for a family reunion, only to find my daughters room was infested with bed bugs. She was severely bitten. I proceeded to the front desk to complain about the matter only to find the staff had no knowledge on how to handle the matter, but to offer another room. No GM was to be found until
12am, and she was the assistant GM who had very little if any more advise to add to resolve the matter. We have taken pictures of the bed bugs including the bits that covered the arms and thighs of my daughter. I also took one of the bedbugs down to the front desk to show her which was in a cup, and she did not seem to be surprised at all, as if she knew this was a problem. Your staff should be knowledgeable how to handle matters like this at once. Took the front desk lady 4 hrs later to write to risk management. Oh at the same time she issued a refund on my daughters room and yet charged me for 2 nights. That is insane. We proceeded to look for another place to stay, and checked out of the hotel after drying all of our belongs hoping not to take any bed bugs back home. We are here on a family reunion, we could not attend the dinner last night due to the fact my daughter was still swollen, and just wanted to go home, not to mention shock. This whole matter has been handled poorly and still no response to the emails, nor calls received

Found At: La Quinta Inns & Suites – bed bugs

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