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My name: Robert Bryant
Guest’s name: Gordon R Bryant
Dates of booking: Wed. 28th Oct. through Friday 30th Oct. ’20
Date of making booking: 28th Oct. ’20
Cancellation Number: [protected]
Confirmation Number: 89505EC024087
Account Number: [protected]
How made booking: Googled “La Quinta”, “Central Point, Oregon”; called number that popped up and verbally (by phone) made the reservation
Problem: Drove from my hotel on E. Barnett Drive to meet my son (Gordon – Guest) to give the $100 ‘incidentals’ deposit with my credit card. Was told by receptionist (Tina Patel) in a nasty way that booking was cancelled, as Oregon/Medford rules say that they cannot accept a guest from within 20 miles of the hotel [I have no problem with that rule]. I asked for my money back [credit] (I used American Express to make the booking), and Tina said that I had to get my money back through Priceline. I said I did not book through Priceline, but that I had googled La Quinta at Central Point, Oregon, and made my booking through the phone number that popped up (and any sane person would assume they were booking with La Quinta). I said that my not being able to get my money back for a cancellation that was initiated by La Quinta and not me was ‘criminal’. She was insolent, threatened to call the police and asked if I wanted to spend the night in jail, for no obvious reason, and said that I had to call Priceline. I got a cancellation printout from her, went home to my hotel, called Priceline, could not speak to a human, and the computer did not recognize my phone number which I had given when I made the booking. Bottom Line: Priceline have no record of my having made a booking for La Quinta (as your nasty receptionist Tina Patel said). I called American Express to put a ‘disputed charge’ against La Quinta/Priceline; they said that they showed a pending charge by “Book A Room”, but nothing for Priceline (which Tina at the front desk insisted was the agency I booked through).

Suggestion: 1) Sort out the algorithms that your agencies use for bookings
2) get rid of Tina: she is NOT the type of person you want at your front desks. She has caused you to lose a client forever.

I will not ever be staying at a La Quinta Inn again because of the above two reasons, and I will be passing my feelings on to all my travelling colleagues/friends.


Robert D. Bryant

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