I ordered 7 pieces a living room in September. I was originally told that the sofa would probably be ready in December. It is now late February and I still do not have any of the furniture. I had decided that I wanted a different fabric on the love seat, so I called to see if it could be changed. I was told that the chair would not be ready until July so the chair and the loveseat would be delivered in July. I have waited for this furniture for a long time.

I got a call back and was told that if I changed the fabric on the love seat that I would have to pay a restocking fee on a loveseat that has not even been built. I think that this is absolutely ridiculous. Isn’t the point of a restocking fee to return an existing product to inventory.

I have bought plenty of furniture from Lazy Boy in the past. I do not think this is a very nice way to treat your customers. I realize that the slowness if not good for either the company or your customers, but why should I pay for restocking of a product that does not exist.

Bonnie Highsmith

Found At: La-Z-Boy – Restocking fee

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