Our bad experience with La Z Boy started after we signed the invoice. The salesman wasn’t upfront about the delivery date. We were quoted 3 mos. They never called us once to update us on the status of the delivery date. When I called for the status, they would change the date out further and further. After the second delivery date and it still wasn’t in, we told the manager we wanted a refund. She was rude and told us “that’s not happening”. About a week and half later, we received our furniture. Upon delivery, the color was more brown than steel! Not what we were expecting. Upon further examination of the loveseat, there was a huge scratch in the material on the lower back area of the sitting area. The left seat leaned towards the armrest. There wasn’t much filling in the headrest area. The back flaps are too short to stay fasten by the Velcro. It barely catches and won’t stay fastened. Also, it is not nearly as comfortable as the floor model. Either the floor model has upgraded cushions or the manufacturer scrimped on the amount of foam that was supposed to be in the headrest. There was a shortage of a chemical that is used to make the foam, during the building of our set. The sofa has the same back flap problem as the loveseat. Where we sit, it is already fading and creasing after only having it for 1 week. I’m waiting for it to start peeling like others have had since it is the faux leather. I’m so angry that they can put out such a horrible product without the responsibility to the customer. The La Z Boy Company now, is nothing like what the forefathers of the company built. Their superb quality is gone! Their customer service is horrible! I will never, ever buy their furniture ever again! We bought our set on 08/23/20. Delivery was on 01/08/21. Was picked up today 02/10/21, to take to the shop to fix the scratch in the material, the left leaning seat, extra filling for the headrest. Nothing will be done about the uncomfortableness or the back flaps. We have to use a bed pillow behind our backs, for the lumbar area. We are so very disappointed to spend $2888.96 for such a horrible product!

Found At: La-Z-Boy – Sofa and loveseat

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