I know discrimination is illegal against those with medical disabilities, but I felt Miss Munoz, an employee at the Savannah Labcorp, needed to be reported after the mistreatment I received December 9th. I realize that not everyone understands epilepsy, but her behavior was extremely unprofessional and disrespectful to me, as she was laughing at me during a focal epileptic seizure loudly to other patients and other techs (my seizures greatly impair my speech and ability to talk, so she couldn’t understand me and asked the entire waiting room what I was saying — still laughing, but also angry this time — which was humiliating). Then she angrily yelled at me because my postictal recovery phase causes confusion and I didn’t understand her directions (literally all I did was initial my specimen with a marker instead of a pen and she asked if “I was stupid because a pen was laying right there.” She also yelled at me for taking too long washing my hands, when my seizures distort my sense of time. I did not mean to be rude and do so.
Ms. Munoz then had me go back out and wait 30 more minutes because I couldn’t pee after being humiliated + all of my muscles tense up during a seizure. She became frustrated at how confused I was and how my speech was because she assumed I was just on drugs and not having a epileptic seizure, a medical condition. I wanted to explain that I simply had epilepsy, but I could not do so in a way that she could understand me because my words came out jumbled and slightly slurred and it only seemed to irritate her more.
I left the lab humiliated and in tears.
I absolutely do not want anyone to endure anything like this, so please, someone speak to Miss Munoz about this incident, or at least educate her on epilepsy. Patients with medical disabilities such as epilepsy should be understood, not punished and bullied for things beyond their control.

Found At: LabCorp – employee’s behavior w/an epileptic patient

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