On Monday evening, November 1st at 7:00 pm, I was at the CVS drive thru located at 720 Round Hill Drive, Orange, Va. I was in the process of speaking with the attendant to purchase my prescription, when another person pulled up to the drop off window. The driver got out of the vehicle, walked over to my vehicle & began to fuss at me because I was parked too close to the Labcorp Box.

I continued my conversation with the store attendant, & this white female between the age of 55-60, then walked over to my driver’s side window & started cussing me to hurry up.

The woman was driving a White Honda van with Va tag UPB – 5816. To be perfectly honest, I was startled by her behavior & concerned she may become violent.

I finished my transaction & the woman followed me thru the parking lot blowing her horn & later passed me on a solid line on Rt 15 South I’m town limits.

This is VERY unprofessional & dangerous. I hope with the information/description this woman will be recognized by Labcorp & spoken to by her immediate supervisor. I completely understand we all are short on time, but her behavior was not only rude but dangerous. I should have called 911 or better yet, got out of my car & whipped her [censored]!

Found At: LabCorp – Female driver that picks up tests

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