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Today 20/04/2017, I went to the Ladbrokes betting shop at Oscorr Road Torry Aberdeen Branch, Put on a Bet, a Tricast For a 16.10 Newmarket race (horses ) I put the Bet on at 10.00 in the morning …£10 Tricast…
Checked my bet and all three horses came in on the order that we had bet on …(1) Tomyris 11/4..(2) Spinnaka 9/2..(3) Isabel, s on it 11/4..cashier (MARTIN) WOULD NOT PAY OUT THE WINNINGS as there computer did not show how much the tricast was, it only showed the csf £14.83 …, so he refused to pay out …so I checked on line and the TOTE TRIFECTA which is the same meaning as a tricast is £46.40 after explaining to the very cheeky and unprofessional cashier (MARTIN) HE STILL WOULD NOT PAY OUT AND WAS VERY RUDE AND AGGRESSIVE and he said TAKE THE DOOR AND DONT COME BACK…I phoned customer care service and Complained about the Bad situation and how rude the Cashier was and the customer service told me (after phoning the cashier only) to go back and collect my winnings which was only £148..A BIG DIFFERANCE to what I should have gotten…AND AGAIN I was met with rudeness and aggression ..I have never been so insulted in my life … Why did ladbrokes pay out the pittance and not the full amount ? if anything I should have been made aware of any change to the bet at first contact 10.00…Did I do anything Wrong ?…no ..I am a disabled person and can not suffer all the stress involved ..or all the stress ..What a very rude and nasty person that martin(Cashier) is…I was very scared at his aggression, it is not the way that I act ..I thought he was going to attack me..i said to him why are you not paying me out and he could not explain properly to me ..every body in the betting shop was on my side and he was shouting at other paying /betting customers to mind there own business…very very rude and unprofessional ..also he should have not been working on his own and safety act..his way or no way …no higher professional manager in shop ..2 two people at shop counter at all times …also he has short changes myself and others before but nobody has said anything as they are all scared (including myself) again I was met by aggression and insulted …I shall be taking this most serious money matter further (if nothing is done to resolve this matter) I and others shall not be going back to that shop if he is still working there …this is a on line complaint ..I shall be writing a complaint and I am also going to complain further to customer complaints forms ..the outcome that I want is the remainder of my winnings and an letter of apology and the sacking of the unprofessional Ladbrokes cashier …also a further £100 for the inconvenience and stress caused by Ladbrokes ..I think that would be appropriate ..I shall not go back to that shop as long as that cashier is still there..please get back to me on this most serious matter please by letter if possible my name and address are Mr Thomas McDonald 34 Morven Place Torry Aberdeen Scotland AB11 8EU, 01224 875232I hope you can resolve this as I intend to seek legal advice ..I shall give you 14 fourteen days to resolve this matter…yours sincerely Thomas mcdonald

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