I received an email from Dharani Kumar (his accent is strong – had to ask him to repeat numerous times) re: a contract position as an EAP counselor – to help with the Houston Hurricane – But – I would be located 5 hours north of Houston (how would that help)? I talked with him via phone, the phone call seemed odd, would u be able to meet with the corporation in person for an interview? Then he asked if I had a masters degree – in the field I am in – one always need a masters degree – I was surprised he didn’t know that. I looked up Dharani Kumar – he lives in India. What did it for me – he asked for my full legal name – I told him it was on my resume (of which he was looking at – probably from Indeed). THEN he asked me for the last 5 numbers of my SS – I refused to give it to him. THEN he asked me for the last 5 numbers of my DL – I refused to give it to him. At that point – I told him he was a fraud. I see some of the other complaints Mr. Kumar – changed his first name – beware – he or his group are a phishing scam !

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Found At: LanceSoft – so called job recruiting

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