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Kurt Martin Arnold Wittin is posing as a landscaper and has taken $3, 800 of our money and provided unsatisfactory service. He had sod delivered to our residence which sat on the road for over 3 weeks while it rotted and burnt. Any true landscaper knows that it needs to be laid within 48 hours. He left a pile of rubbish on the side of the road where our neighbours park their vehicle and the pile still remains today. After dealing with Mr. Wittin for over a month, we decided we needed to terminate our contract with Mr. Wittin and requested a portion of our money be refunded because he has completed very little of the agreed upon work as well as doing a very slip-shod job. Another landscaping company came last evening and we were told that everything done by Mr. Wittin will need to be re-done because it has not been done in the correct fashion. We believe Mr. Wittin is hiding under the guise of being a landscaper because in a search on the internet, we have uncovered a mountain of information dealing with a very unsavory past and possible fraudulent existence. This man needs to be investigated and stopped so he cannot steal money from others in the future. We can provide photos of Mr. Wittin’s work if required.

Found At: Landscaping / Lawncare – Fraud and unsatisfactory service

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