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Sold FAKE Leather- Lane Recliner and TWO Couches

Purchased two full size couches with recliners built in and matching recliner which were special ordered in ‘leather’.I ordered two full size couches as my living room is large and this fit better.

I just made the last payment on the furniture, which is peeling apart and looks horrible. The ‘leather’ is actually some kind of bonded leather, which is absolute junk. The furniture which is 4 years old looks like it was left outside for years. The material just falls off and sticks to you when sitting in the furniture.

This is outrageous, and not what was represented by the seller. They also sold me a worthless warranty that does not cover this, even though I was told it covered everything. This material is falling apart in sheets, and there are thousands of people just like us. We paid over $4000.00 for this junk that I must now replace after four years.

That is $1000./year? This is crazy, and I want to start a class action law suit for all of those that are affected. I will be hosting a website soon with a blog for all to post pictures and their story for all to see. This is shameful and the manufacturer should be held responsible to fix this.

Do an web search- similar lawsuits from this ‘bonded leather’ issue from other manufacturers have been brought, along with stories by various local news outlets trying to help the consumers in this exact situation.

The standard answer is that this did not occur within the 1 year warranty period. This is outrageous that Lane does not stand behind their product. Do they really think anyone would spend this kind of money if they knew that the couch materials would literally fall apart inside of 5 years?

This was suppose to be durable leather, it is neither, and I feel ripped off that I have to pay to replace furniture that is only 4 years old and in excellent shape other than the faux leather falling apart. I encourage everyone affected by this to get the word out-we have all been cheated.

Post pics and tell everyone you know that Lane does not stand behind nor build good furniture.I would have been better off buying no name furniture at a wholesale club.

When I contacted the store, Ruby Gordon in Rochester, New York, this is the canned response I received:

Thank you for your inquiry with Ruby-Gordon furniture. I am sorry to hear that you are having a problem with your Lane reclining sofa. The manufacturer Lane does stand behind their warranties; however, the issue you have described is no longer covered by the manufacturer warranty. If the peeling occurred during the warranty period and was reported at that time, it would have been considered a manufacturing defect and the manufacturer would have responded appropriately. However, I do know the upholster that Lane Furniture uses in Western New York for out of warranty repairs. I could put you in touch with them and they could advise you of the best course of action concerning repairs.


Customer Service | [protected] ext.307 | [protected] |
Ruby-Gordon Furniture | 3737 W. Henrietta Rd. | Rochester, NY 14623 |

Awesome. I guess I am on my own, out $4000.00 on furniture that is only 4 years old. Take a look at the pictures and ask yourself if you would want this in your living room…

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