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Potential Lane Furniture Customers Beware: Please understand before you buy a Lane product that Lane Furniture does not and will not stand behind either their products or their customers. Once they get the product out their door and into your home – game over. Any issues that arise after the sale are the customer’s problem and not Lane’s. We purchased a beautiful Lane leather sectional through Becker Furniture World in Becker, Minnesota, and special ordered a higher quality, softer leather than was on the display model in the store. Within the first six months, the cushion in the armrest of the section that gets the most use was completely collapsed and nearly flat. We contacted the dealer (Becker Furniture), who sent a repair person out. That person explained that the CARDBOARD in the armrest had broken, causing the stuffing to collapse as well. Who would ever expect to find CARDBOARD supports in an expensive piece of furniture! The problem was repaired, but over the next couple of years we slowly watched the armrest go flat again. In addition, we have seen the leather on the same section discolor and disintegrate. It started out as small little specks on the armrest and has now spread to the seat back, the seat cushion the and rest of the piece – it looks horrible! We contacted Lane, but since the product was beyond their one-year warranty, they offered absolutely no assistance whatsoever, and certainly no apology for the lack of quality. No piece of furniture as costly as this should look this bad in such a short time. We will never purchase a Lane product again, and neither will anyone else who has been in our home and seen the kind of furniture they produce. Further, we will continue to spread the word about this Company’s complete lack of product quality and customer service.

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