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I made pre funeral arrangements for my late mother, Mary E. Boelman about a week before she died with the Langeland Family Funeral Home – the Portage, MI chapel. The total cost being a little over ten thousand dollars. A big part of the bill being the casket. I paid cash for this transaction. I selected a beautiful 20 gauge steel casket, copper in color, with a lovely satin lining. I only wanted the best for mom.

On the day of the funeral I was mortified. The funeral home had done a bait and switch. Instead of the lovely casket I had picked out to my surprise mom was laid out in an inferior, 18 gauge coffin with a tacky lining. These sorts of caskets sell for about $800.00 bucks. I said nothing but went back the next day for an explanation. I was told by Langeland staff, Jason S. Olivarez & Donald D.Smith that there had been some sort of error and they would refund the difference.

Three years later I still have not received a refund for the difference between the cheap casket and the expensive one that I actually paid for. Also, before mom was laid out I gave the undertakers some very expensive earrings that were supposed to have been taken off her and returned before the burial. They weren’t The funeral home’s excuse is they forgot. Lately when I call Langelands and say who I am I am put on hold. I would just like some finality to all this. I have suffered enough.

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