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I purchased a Larson vinyl clad wood storm door with factory installed PetSafe pet door. My decision was based on Larson’s 10 year warranty and their claims to be the “best door mfr in the market”. Less than 20 months after purchase the outside lever completely failed and snapped off the the inner sleeve around the lock set spindle. It was early morning, 22*F when I stepped out onto my covered porch to retrieve the dog’s water bowl, bring it into the house and refill. I do this EVERY morning, dressed in pajamas, robe and slippers. With the outside lever completely broken off the metal sleeve that is attached to the inner spindle I was unable to regain entry into my home. Although 72 year old female, I was able to crawl through the pet door halfway into the house enough to reach up and turn the inner lever to open the door. Larson brags about their “Secure Lock® handle set”. The next day 2/8/2021 I brought the failed piece to Lowes where I purchased the door and spoke to the Mgr of the Doors/Windows Dept. A quick glance and he saw that it was a total and complete failure in the construction of the lockset. He instructed me to contact Larson with warranty claim and stated they would send a replacement showing me the Warranty documentation Larson provides:

Solid Core DuraTech® Aluminum Clad TEN YEAR WARRANTY
Solid Core Vinyl Clad FIVE YEAR WARRANTY)
Components – ONE YEAR WARRANTY specifically calling out “locksets (mechanical operation and finish)”

Larson does however covers manufactur’s defects during the first 10 Years “Larson Manufacturing Company will warranty all manufacturers defects”.

He then pointed out the failure was not mechanical nor paint. From picture attached you can clearly see the mfr defect in the construction of the door lockset. Mechanical and paint are function and intact.

The next day 2/9/2021 I called Larson Manufacturing Company [protected] at 2:00 p.m. CST and was finally connected to “Gloria” who was clearly bothered with my call. She was rude and short with me. Her mouthpiece was clearly not near her mouth – her voice was distant and faint. I told her I could not hear her and in her disinterested manner merely asked me for the registration number. After asking where this could be located she merely asked if I was near the door. I answered yes. She then told me to look for it on the door jam – not telling me WHERE on the door jam. I found it and gave the number to her. Silence. She said nothing. I asked if she was going to take my warranty claim and she merely asked “what’s the problem” . I explained precisely what I detailed above. Her response was “It’s not covered”. She didn’t want photos of the defective lever that clearly shows the failure of the component. I told her the mechanical and paint are just fine – the lever snapped off. She didn’t care and restated, “it’s not covered”. She was disinterested in taking my warranty claim, did nothing to instruct further steps nor help me in any way. $350 for a storm door from the “leading mfr of doors” deserves a little more than this brush off. So I then asked for her supervisor and ther was silence – nothing. I said “hello? Are you still there?” and she said “Yes”. I asked what was she doing, transfer me to a supervisor. She then said she was writing notes. I then was put on hold for 13 minutes – silence nothing. She then came back to the call and said “my supervisor is in a meeting I’ll ask them to call you when they can”. I asked if she needed my number and she curtly said “I have it”. I asked for her name and was given “Gloria” I asked her employee badge number she said “No”. With that she hung up on me.

I’m sure good people work at Larson Manufacturing but “Gloria” isn’t one of them. However, there is NO EXCUSE for a company like Larson Manufacturing to treat customers dismissively. Clearly their company is a defective as the expensive storm door and lever.

Found At: Larson Manufacturing – Pet door 36-in x 81-in white high-view wood core storm door $350 + tax

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