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Never will I buy or recommend a larson product! After ordering my door on aug 13, 2019, and waiting and waiting to receive it, they sent the wrong color door. The store where I purchased the door, a lifestyle high view, with brushed nickel hardware, and waiting and waiting for delivery. I received a door the right color, but the wrong style and wrong hardware. They sent black hardware and the tradewinds mid-view. The door was also bent on one corner, so the gasket at the bottom didn’t fit. The installer said it had been dropped, and he literally took a screwdriver to open up the bend, so he could insert the gasket. When the store contacted larson, they said they would replace the door and hardware, but, I would have to pay someone to remove the wrong door, take it to the store, and reorder and pay to have another installed! No way! There was about $2.50 difference in the price of the doors. I spoke to the store, again, this morning. They are not happy with larson, either. Good luck trying to get customer service, because it does not exist, after several times trying to contact them. Never again. I’m also complaining to the better business bureau. Beware consumers.

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