Lastman's Bad Boy

I bought a two piece sofa set from bad boy on september 2009 with a “bad boy solid gold furniture protection plan”, the cost of all of which was around $2700 rounding up. The “bad boy solid gold furniture protection plan” is supposed to cover “rips, tears and burns” as stated on pamphlet that was given to me. A few years ago, (Sometime in 2012) I started noticing that both sofa’s now have rips and tears in them. Upon noticing these, I immediately contacted bad boy and was told to contact another company for the repairs. I did so and apart from a few email messages, they did nothing. After being frustrated with this, I decided to go to the store where I purchased the furniture. After being laughed at by a salesman, I left my contact details at the store along with a copy of my receipt and my registration number for their protection plan and was told that someone would contact me regarding this issue. It has been more than three months since I visited the store and more than nine months since I initially made the complaint to their service department and still nothing is being done. They are probably laughing at me now for all I know.

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