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How i was cheated by Lazada

On April 3, i purchased an item in Lazada site, an all white Hyundai tablet. It’ll be a birthday gift for someone for his birthday on April. 25.
On April 8, i received the item. When I open the package it was black front and white back which totally different from the photo posted. I turn it on, used it only for less than 10 minutes. A pop up error shows every 2 minutes, saying there was a problem with, i don’t know what it was exactly maybe it has to do with the program. So i turn it off and returned it to 2go. With the whole package, lazada invoice, letter, and the return form. They should never advertised product which is doesnt match the photos posted in your site, it is false advertising to do so.
On April 11, i was not able to receive anything, or feedback. So, I emailed Lazada and was told that they received the returned item but not able to process without the merchant invoice. Now, it got me confuse because I sent the lazada invoice. So, I emailed a photo of the customers copy of the lazada invoice.
I called customer customer service and was told that they will request one from the merchant for a new invoice. Which i recently found out, that there should be 2 invoices, one from LAzada and one from the merchant, which I did not even receive.
I emailed for follow up number of times, i was told i will receive an emailed merchant invoice on or before April 24.
On April 26, and no invoice, no refund. I am a loyal customers for years, and i have purchased numerous items. If this is how they treat loyal customers, nobody will buy products anymore.
I talked with MIgs, Kat, Vince, and used up minutes on my line just to call them for follow up, i was even put on hold many times, 10 minutes holding time.
Still not able to get my refund until now. Today is May 2, 2014. One day shy since I purchased the product. I have been cheated, they have the item, and no refund money.
My hard earned money gone. I WAS SCAMMED. LAZADA SUCKS.

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