LBC Express

Just want to complain about the staff here in lbc narra in macapili bldg osmena corner rizal ave. Your staff are rude especially the two men, mr. Dela cruz, the guy is tall and has mole under his nose. And the rude and arrogant butch dayrit. They refused to deliver my package because they said they dont deliver in our place, but I know that they can deliver package in our place. They are just lazy to deliver it.. When I came to their office I saw the riders and and saw them are just sitting, doing nothing. When I claimed my package the tall guy who has a mole under his nose asked me, are you the woman who complained earlier? Like omg. He dont even know how to speak with his customer in a nice way?, I was complaining and asking why they dont want to deliver my package in my house? Especially im expecting it to delivered in my house since it was marked as deliver in the house and not pick up in their office.. So rude and arrogant person.. They dont know how to speak to their customer well and they are trying to argue with me, so rude and arrogant staff and they think that im just a kid thats why they didn’t respect me. I want an action of this matter so they can learn how to handle customer well and respect people.

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