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Hi Gina

Im sorry to hear that you are displeased with our service. We were still planning on accommodating the date that you gave us, and we did also enter it into the notes for the inspection so that we was aware. Sometimes the inspectors do not check those notes before they set that initial ETA, but when he would have called out to the seller we would have gotten it set up for that date and reset the ETA for you.

When you did give us a call after the weekend, you informed us that you had scheduled another company and no longer wanted our service. We unfortunately do not offer refunds, as is stated in our terms and conditions that you needed to read and agree to before you placed the order. Instead we offer it as that credit to use towards another inspection. This could be used any where in the county and it would never expire. RV Inspections do vary regarding how long they take. 2 hours is only an estimate as it take longer depending on how many issues we find and with amount of photos needing to be taken.

We do a couple thousand inspections a week and have for close to 15 years. We have had shady dealers leave us reviews acting like they are customers, we’ve had competition starting doing the same thing. We don’t feel that was you’re seeing is a good representation of who we are. When you take into consideration the volume we do, we look pretty good. Even with the shady review system that the internet world has. Good luck on the vehicle search.

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