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I originally bought this product on 01-26-2021. I used this product on my tires for 3 separate days, including early this morning when the roads were icy. I kept my speed to 25 mph. I discovered holes in the product when I returned to work. It was my understanding that the snow socks were used for snow and ice. When I went to the keizer store I was told that I only could exchange the product for new socks, but would have to go to the store I bought it to recieve a refund. I went to the mission store where I bought it and they wanted to give me a hard time. They told me that the other store manager could have taken care of me. At the same time, they refused to give me a refund. They would only exchange the product. I explained to them that I was very unhappy and did not want another one of the same product. They told me that this was my only option. They were unfriendly and accusatory. This was not the service I had always gotten and expected of les swab. I’m very disappointed. I always thought that you guys went out of your way with customer service and to make the customer happy. I have been a longtime customer but do not see myself returning to les swab. I was treated badly. I wasted my time, energy and money. Very disappointing.

Inge Gill

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Found At: Les Schwab Tire Center – ES79 quality easy sock

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