Innate Synergy - Port out from maxis

This company contacted our company via the Yellow Pages and asked us to perform landscaping work for them for the 7-11’s in Norfolk, VA.
They have paid us 1 small check for services since March 2010 and it was only partial payment. This is August 31, 2010 and they have not responded back to us when we called and left a message, they keep changing people around in their company so you never speak to the same person rarely if you do get someone on the phone. They give you a promise date and then you never get anything in the mail. Beware this company is not legit in doing business. They will keep sending you rejection letters to off set payment another 45 days so they can keep from paying you and will send you out to do more work and then send you a rejection notice saying they will not pay. We are at a stand still at this time and the only option is to go to small claims court or to an attorney. I feel the media needs to be informed so the businesses here in the USA are no longer being ripped off from this company.

Found At: Level 1 Maintenance – Not payment for services rendered

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