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My name is Jeromia Jones. I was a Liberty Mutual policy holder until last month. In August 1st 2020, I was involved in a 3 car accident. I was the front car. An escalade hit a lexus and the Lexus hit me. I did not have full coverage insurance so I had to wait until they determined liability amongst the other 2 drivers. Liability was just determined 9/16/2020. I have not driven my car since the accident. From August 1st until 9/16/2020, I was without transportation. On 9/16/2020, the insurance adjuster Charles Bond explained to me that the 3rd car driver was found liable and that they would have an estimator come out to my home to get an estimate the next day. On 9/17, prior to me speaking with the appraiser, I received an email from Monica Devincent that she was my new claims adjuster and that she sent over the estimate from the appraiser and instructions as to what to fill out and mail to Copart in Loganville. She then stated that I would only have 4 days rental. My complaint is, how is it legally right for your company to set a specific amount of time for me to have a rental and they have not even given me a check for the total out of my car. i have been the only one highly inconvenienced throughout all of this and it was not my fault. The car that was liable has Liberty Mutual insurance as well. How is this even legally right for a company to put stipulations on how long I have a rental car for when they have not paid me for the car they deemed a total loss. I need some answers to this. I am very upset and Angry at how Liberty Mutual has handled me throughout this entire process. I can be reached @ [protected] or by email at [protected] I am anxiously awaiting a phone call.

Jeromia Jones

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