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I have been with liberty mutual 3 years now, on my home, i was informed by phone while i made my homeowners ins with late fee, that liberty mutual will not renew my policy for slow pay. my problem with this is, the first couple of months i got no bill etc, usually get reminded for payment, but for some reason renewal time i did not receive. they said they would note that and also would mail me bill with amt etc, then after that i would call in payments and if i was late i would call in and ask if a particular date would be ok? when i got paid. this last time they said that date would work, and that’s what i did, called in payment and then was told were not renewing you. also state i would get letter in mail describing that, which i still havent gotten yet. Butm 2 nd problem is among none of the phone calls etc they never said, if this payment being lil late will risk you of losing ins…never, no warning. no letter, conversation etc . i would like to appeal this decision. would like opportunity to correct this, they can see in past i never had slow pay, i would always ask permission before i was late. also i have car ins discount connected to this also, so i’d like more time to fig both auto and homeowners ins? please revisit this and let me know asap please. i was never told this could jeopardise my ins. i would like another opportunity to correct this, cause i wasn’t late in past, i thought it was ok if i called in for permission and paid late fee. which i did. thank you homeowners acct H37-[protected]

Found At: Liberty Mutual Insurance – Homeowners ins, was not notified they would not allow me to renew, no conversation of this.

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