Life Alert Emergency Response

My Daughter from California set me up with a LIFE ALERT emergency system out of my concern for having to live alone while having significant heart problems and severe complications from diabetes. I found the system completely useless. When I tested it I didnt get service call for at least several minutes..and had several false alarms where I had to rush downstairs (almost falling down) to say there was no emergency . The cost of this service is rediculas..and I was able to get a much better system on Amazon that requires no monthly fee ..dials 911 and several personal numbers in an emergency..for a total of $206 with no additional fees, 3year insurance policy, and a 90day return policy.
When I tried to return my life alert unit because of my complete dissatisfaction with it, I was rudely told that I couldn, t and had signed a contract for three years. that there is nothing I can do because I signed it..I cant imagine how many other old people are scammed into this contract. If some one is unhappy with the product for poor service they should be allowed to break the contract. I didnt not realize it was a 3 year UNBREAKABLE contract which is obviously set that way to extract money from old people with poor health who dont understand the ramifications of their signature. I am totally disgusted and will fight them tooth and nail…even if it kills me…Thomas Alfieri

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