Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club [LHVC]

A class action suit is extremely necessary to file against this crooked outfit.
I came in through RCI and was talked into a sales pitch. They (LHVC) made it sound really good. It started with them buying our Wyndham Plus timeshare, but later once back at home we come to find out it required a transfer fee, not mentioned before, which needed to be mailed to Global Resort Transfer Inc. in Miami, FL. also not mentioned before. All we were told is that LHVC was buying our time share. Then through INTravel, which is an integral part of LHVC, they told us we could book a villa or a house on the beach in many places of the world including a requested area on the coast of the Costa Brava, Spain. On their laptop computer they showed us one house at that location which looked gorgeous. My wife and I proceeded once at home to go to their website and only found hotels worldwide, mostly in major cities. No houses or villas. One of the reasons for my family to sign up for this membership was to enjoy many trips to Europe, which now are unavailable. Who wants to book anything which you cannot see on a website? Our Lifetime membership with LHVC for up to 6 bedroom villa in the Dominican Republican cost us a lot of US dollars but it expires in 2052 which is not the same as owning a deed to a timeshare which is transferrable for life, so long as somebody pays the monthly maintenance fee. This was not explained to my spouse and me either.
We have 12 months from the date of purchase to enroll in a resale program of our membership mind you.. Sorry, but what exactly are they reselling. There is no limit as to the number of memberships they sell.
To come up with the money for the membership we used several credit cards on which we had to pay a 3% foreign transaction fee on each card.
Needless to say that by now we are very frustrated trying to figure out how to cancel our membership and recuperate all or some of our investment in LHVC. They made us sign a non-disclosure clause letter in which it specifies that we are not allowed to reveal any information about this “deal” to a third party. This letter in a nutshell does not permit us to hire an attorney.
LHVC did give us a certificate which allows us to book a villa (up to 6 bedrooms) for 2 weeks as a bonus with service fees paid for by them. Provided they honor that certificate, that would be worth several thousand dollars. We shall see!
Finally, we do hope that a class-action suit will be brought against LHVC.
They simply have no right to mislead people who are trustworthy and believe, like us, what was verbally offered and promised. If we had not signed the contract right there and then, they would have charged us for the upgrade given to us while there. We were between a rock and hard place. Hope every one reads this like we read some the other claims.
We would be interested in joining a class action suit and can be reached at:

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