Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club [LHVC]

I can attest to the lies of the salespeople from this place. It’s on their veins, it’s their culture… They lie, deceive and trick you as many times it takes to sell you on a new membership or upgrade membership. I have been lied to on ALL of the times I’ve gone by different people and different places (Puerto Plata, Punta Cana and Cancun). This last time I asked the sales manager for his business card or contact info multiple times and every time gave me an excuse. The last thing they want is for you to contact them after they’ve lied to you. THIS SCAM HAS TO STOP!

The complaints are not only on the sales department but that’s where it begins. They have managed to build a facade of luxury and PURPOSELY cut back on the most important aspect of any company… Their systems and customer service.

If you haven’t noticed they don’t even have a way for you to book your vacation online, not even for their members! You have to chat, fill out a form and wait up to 5 days for a confirmation. Moreover they never have villas available as they have oversold it on purpose and continue to do it.

Customer Service is a joke, they simply follow orders and protocols from corporate which maintains this SCAM going through the Facade. It is so ridiculous to think that ALL of this can be stopped with a dedicated effort and a little bit of money. They recently bought a Rolls Roice for the top members to maintain the facade and do not invest on a simple booking system required for even the cheapest hotel anywhere in the world.

Do not fall for this SCAM and voice your concerns here and other places. The more people complaint, the more international authorities will step in, since local authorities and politicians have been bought by them. Simply google “lifestyle holidays vacation club lawsuit” – Good luck!

Found At: Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club [LHVC] – This scam has to stop!

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