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Scam contentsCordless Li-lion Combo Kit x1
Comment / ReviewWe ordered and pay it on a takealot ad. Paid and Ordered on the 02 September 2022. We received emails from the sender.

Tracking the Parcel number it was not found on any Webside National for South Africa or International Websides.

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  1. I am scammed by Iss3 and the Sarah looted my around 7000 usd hard-earned money, in name of loan (4500) that she provided in the ISS wallet and locked to withdraw my initial amount too. She said to pay her loan amount in her wallet before i make withdraw and promised to release lock from wallet. I paid to her wallet but then she refused to unlock stating to pay 30% commission on profit in the wallet. Obviously, its biggest cheat, as what they offer in name of loan that is always locked, and in revert get your hard-earned money in their wallet. After discussing hard with someone , I was told to contact Rykabalan on telegram and make a complain for return of my money and they have actually helped me in getting my money back as compensation and also asked me not to invest with companies like ISS3 AGAIN

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