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I ordered CPAP supplies on 11/9/17 – tubing, hose, head gear, water chamber, nose pillows & filters. I had reached my max out of pocket for the year so I had no co-pay and by doing this, I would have supplies to last me 6 months. I received 4 of the items: 2 were for the wrong machine & 2 items were not recvd. I contacted Lincare immediately & was treated very rudely when I stated the water chamber & tubing were not correct. Their error as my account had been purchased from American Home Patient & all records were transferred. The woman transferred me to CPAP supplies where I gave the needed information to get the correct chamber & tubing. I did, in fact, receive a 2nd shipment-the exact same & incorrect chamber & tubing. Again, another phone call. In the 1st call, I also reported that I had not received my nose pillows & filters. When the 2nd incorrect shipment arrived & the 2nd call made, I again inquired as to why they had not been sent. I was not really given an answer. At that point, I contacted my insurance carrier to advise them of these errors & they were appreciative of that info. About mid-December, I received the nose pillows & filters. A couple weeks later, I finally received the correct tubing & water chamber. Lincare had sent be a return label so I immediately boxed up the 2 incorrect chambers & 2 incorrect tubings. At this time, I thought all was well. On 2/7/18, I received a letter from Lincare stating my account was “past due”. I had never received a bill and should not have received one since I had paid my max out of pocket for the year prior to all this. I still had the same insurance carrier for the month of December 2017 but it was a 30 day “gap” policy until my new policy kicked in thru my employer. That being said, I again called Lincare. The excuses this time was that I hadn’t received a bill because it was sent to my old address, where I had not lived since mid-2014. Not certain how they even got that address. They managed to get my supplies & this past due notice to me, but couldn’t get a bill to me. I never, ever should have received a bill to begin with, because as I stated before, I had reached my maximum out of pocket expenses for the calendar year of 2017 before November 2017 and this order. I have an EOB from my insurance carrier showing that the insurance company was billed & paid for all of my supplies that I ordered on 11/9/17. Every month, I have received from Lincare a statement and a dunning letter, threatening to turn this bill for $56.02 over for collections. I had made numerous attempts to contact them by phone, only to be transferred multiple times, cut off, placed on hold, sometimes for as long as 40 minutes+. I have written letters & mailed them to several different addresses with no response, whatsoever. The last letters I wrote & mailed about 10 days ago. I am done with Lincare. I have found a local retailer that has been more than happy to take care of my supplies without any hassle, whatsoever. I have absolutely nothing positive to say about this company and their horrible business practices and customer service. The only thing I want from them is a letter of apology and for them to stop sending me threatening letters and statements for monies that I do not owe, nor does my insurance carrier.

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