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I have no problems revealing my name. I recently went to order some cpap equipment. Lincare was one of the names provided by my doctor. The woman i spoke to got all my past information, as far back as my original sleep study to the one i had the latter part of 2010. She asked all about my equipment. I even explained to her that the reason i was not going to get the quipment from the prior company was because they were giving me the tubing that was stiff like an elephant hose. She even said to me, that’s because they get the cheapest stuff.

However, the next morning, she calls and leaves a message on my recording. First of all, you should not leave personal medical information on someone’s recording because of the hipaa law. Second, don’t be a coward. Talk to the person. So i had no problem in calling her back to ask her to clarify herself.

She said, and i quote, i had to get my cpap equipment from the original place i ordered it from, which has been the once company until recently, for the following reason: uh, the equipment you have is still owned by medicare and so therefore you have to order all of your stuff from the first place, sorry. I also wanted to get a folding walker too.

I told her i was going to call medicare because i didn’t believe that to be true. Then i said, wow, wait a minute, when i initially got the cpap machine, i had medicaid. I know the policy of medicare and medicaid, that you must use this for a complete 13 months. They come check the equipment to make sure you have been using it. A lot of people do not. If you have been doing as prescribed, you then own it. If not, you must return it. So when i originally received it was in 2008 and i had medicaid, not medicare. The gentleman from medicare said you’ve only had medicare since april of 2010 and have only received cpap supplies once while having medicare. He also explained to me their rules, just as i know it to be.

So this woman out and out lied to me. I’m not sure exactly why, so i called back and spoke to a woman in the respitory department. She said she would check into it. No return call. I called back again and got the lady on the phone who i originally spoke to. She was dumbfounded that a patient / customer could actually be so smart as to know what was what and was speechless. I told her i was going to be going else where anyway and to make sure she ripped up my personal medical information.

I’m writing this complaint because she out and out lied to me. I don’t think you should deal with a company that lies. I even said, hey, i’m an adult, just say the reason the real reason why. So because of their cowardness and what i feel is a corrupt way of handling business by lying, i would recommend not doing business with them and will tell everyone i know not to. It’s just plain wrong to lie to people when you’re doing business. Everybody you deal with is without a brain. I am one of those people i was not born under a rock or born yesterday.

I have not hidden my name because i have nothing to hide. I live in michigan. That is my story and can prove it.

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