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lisa eustathiou


This women will try to rob you blind. She will say she misplaced your rent check, or money order and then expects you to double up on next months rent. This women is not someone you should rent from. this women is trying to say a check I wrote for rent back in 2008 was never deposited. The main problem I have with this information is the fact that she told me this today and the date is December 30, 2009. First of all if my check was never deposited I would have noticed there is extra money in my account and would have questioned it. Secondly this woman has chewed me out for being a day late on rent, so dont you think if she never got the rent in the first place she would have said something. And why would she wait for over a year to say anything. Also she lost a money order of mine not too long ago. Good thing I kept the receipt so I had proof I paid. She actually wanted me to go to the post office and track down the money order. Sorry but once I put money in an envelope and send it I consider my part done, and thats the way it should be, it’s simple… the tenent pays the rent and the leasee deposits or cashes the money. This woman misplaces everything and later on says you never paid. I could go on but bottom line is this woman is not a good landlord, put your hard earned money somewhere else cause she will lose it and blame you.


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