HelloI have been trying to get help with my account for the past few weeks. My loan maturity date is incorrect (somehow 8 years off! and not in my favor) and my social security number is incorrect on my account. I can no longer log into my account online and access any of my information. I was in forbearance during covid and my account was deferred on 10/1/2020. I paid November, December and then went into another forbearance which is ending July 1, 2021. Calls were made 3 times today 6/21/21 to reinstate my loan and defer the payments to the end of the loan term.

My son, Michael called once (approval on my behalf) and he spoke with Amber Slores, who told me her supervisor said deferral was not a good option and that we couldn’t do that. I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was transferred and no one ever answered after being on the phone for over an hour.
I decided to call by myself a 2nd time regarding all of the above and spoke with Amber Slores again. We discovered that my social security number was not even correct on the account. She told me that my mortgage was put into another forbearance from august 2021 to November 21. I told her this was never authorized and I just wanted to reinstate this mortgage and defer it. She said I would have to submit an application with loss mitigation and transferred me. No one ever answered after another hour 

My son called a 3rd time and spoke with Darlene and we went over all of the above again and it seemed like we were getting somewhere until all of a sudden the computers were slow .Then Darlene came back and said it was denied because we answered no application questions (which never happened).  Darlene would not giver her last name, he said a supervisor was not available. 

July 1st is approaching, I have received no paper bill, no deferment, no access to my online account, they still have the wrong SS number. 

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Found At: LoanCare – New client

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