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Lori A DeVries is a puppy mill breeder that has falsely attacked others on Facebook, she is a well known heavy drug user, which her husband Anton Devries now past away posted this in the group Pomeranian Lovers Of America, Which now the name of the group has changed to MILK’s Pomeranian World, Lori A DeVries had to step down as a admin her own group due from her heavy drug use, She started taking heavy doses of drugs after having rotten teeth . The rotten teeth may have come from past drug use, She wrongly attack a man that had a 20 year old Dog named Cupid in her group back in August 2, 2014, Telling 1000s of members the Dog was not 20 years old and the Man was a scammer, The Man was only trying to teach natural Dog health and never ask a dime, To this day the Man has never collected one dollar from any Dog group members, When fact the Man proved the Dog Cupid was 20 years old thru Guinness World Records. Book filing number 475261 Cupid was not the oldest Dog in the World at the time, she did live to be 21 years old, Born 12-31-1993 Passed [protected] Lori A DeVries was so high all the time back than she even neglected to care for her own pets, They lived in filthy conditions and was abused, Her breeding business flopped into a puppy mill type operation, She had others attack this Man, being racist to his grandkids with personal messages to his wife’s and his facebook, Her rant went on for years as she lost over 600 members from her group Pomeranian Lovers Of America from these false attacks and rants, She even neglected to care for her sick husband Anton Devries, That has since past away from neglect, This is a evil person that only thinks about herself, her Facebook wall of photos of herself prove this

Found At: Lori A DeVries – puppy mill breeder

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