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In over 30 years of collecting I have never before witnessed an auctioneer as immature, unethical and unprofessional as Ian Kasper of Lot14 Auctions in Niles Illinois.

I won some items from Mr. Kasper on Live Auctioneers platform for my personal collection and was surprised to find out that he does not have any invoicing or electronic payment process. Instead I got vague telephone messages indicating his staff wasn’t sure what my total was or how much the shipping would be. It was “estimated” but I was expected to give them my banking information anyhow. It was extremely unusual for this auction website and set off red flags. I later discovered Mr. Kasper used to be a criminal attorney, which makes it even more perplexing that he seems totally clueless as to why consumers might be reluctant to share private banking details with strangers on the telephone.

Finally feeling discouraged about it, I left his company a poor review on the LiveAuctioneers website, and all hell broke loose. Mr. Kasper began stalking me, publishing my personal information online, including my full name and home address, and information about my buying habits on the auction website – things that are just not his business to be posting about customers online this man was going around the internet publishing to embarrass me at my workplace. It was so beyond the realm of acceptable behavior for an auctioneer.

He posted negative reviews for my place of business online, even though he’s never been there and had zero interaction with my business. I had to contact google to report his violations as well as LiveAuctioneers who requested that he stop what he was doing and remove it. He refused to do so. My work had zero to do with his auction, but he abused the review system and attacked my place of business just to retaliate about it. He lashes out like a little child who can’t take criticism.

How can any consumer trust this man with their private banking details when he has shown that he has no regard for anyone’s privacy? I would not share my bank details with a guy who is so unhinged and untrustworthy. With his background as an attorney, he should know better.

I have contacted several consumer groups to file complaints against both his company as well as liveAuctioneers and am in the process of exploring litigation against his company for damages.

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