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Love Beal and Nixon are violating title 12 of the oklahoma statue. I have been wanting to get a group of people who are experiencing issues with LBN and see if we can put some type of class action together. One of the reasons I think they are reluctant to provide backup data is that they are padding balances and adding dollars fradulently to increase their revenue. Those SOB’s are purchasing old CC debt and I am not sure that most of it is past the statue of limitations for Oklahoma debt. I am willing to go along with going to the media for assistance. I have also filed complaints with the OBA against Shandra McKinney one of the attorney’s as well as William Nixon.

I think we need to put all of this together for class action against LBN for undue stress, financial hardship as well as their continued violation of the “Fair Debt Collection Act” and actions within Title 12. I think they are padding balances by thousands of dollars to keep that business open. That is why they refuse to provide documentation of the balance from day one. I am filing a notice of hearing to bring them back into court regarding my issue with this group of thieves. Anyone interested in trying to do something collectively against LBN – please email me at [protected] I am just now starting to work on this – but I think we have some issues that could cost LBN some money.

I have paid them over 14, 000 for a 1500 dollar debt. This is a terrible company with rude employees who misrepresent themselves and pretend to be you to collect information about you – which is illegal. It is time that we fought back against companies such as this. It is a way to collect old dollars without causing undue stress and financial hardship. They have even taken unemployement compensation from individuals which is a serious violation of the federal guidelines under exemptions. I want to go after them – but I think it would be more presntable and effective as a group.

Found At: Love, Beal And Nixon – Violation of Title 12 and Fair Debt Collection Act

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