I received a letter in the mail telling me that “Congratulations! You’re being upgraded from my Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card (which offers 6 months, no interest) to the New Lowe’s Platinum VISA (that does not offer 6 months, No interest).

I get points, I get VISA Platinum benefits and I got screwed.

The letter should have you to believe that the Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card is not longer being offered and this Lowe’s VISA is actually from Lowe’s (it’s from GE Money Bank, who handles all of Lowe’s credit accounts, consumer, commercial and the VISA.

Because we thought that this was exactly like the Lowe’s Consumer Card only with more advantages, we went to the local Lowe’s to may our monthly payment as always and their reply was “we can’t take VISA payments here”.

I called Lowe’s VISA and asked what was going on and they said that I was already late and a $25.00 late fee had been added to my account. I blew their ears off explaining that I had been deceived and duped with the new “Bigger and Better” credit card and I’m sure that everyone else that switched feels the same way. I went on line and made a payment. I also went to the local Lowe’s and told them about what had transpired and the CSR opened us up a new Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card account (since our first on had been closed and we had had it for over 20 years) she called the Lowes Corporate Credit department and told them of my dilemma. The Corporate CSR told the local Lowe’s CSR that she would transfer the VISA balance to the new Lowe’s Consumer Card and everything would be alright (wrong). This was July 21, 2007. We also closed the VISA account.

On August 9, 2007 I receive a call from Lowe’s Platinum VISA stating that I was past due on my account (the one that was supposed to have been transferred). I explained to the lady what was supposed to happen on July 21, 2007 and evidently didn’t. She told me that the transfer had never taken place and I had an additional $25.00 late charge on my account.

Now I am talking about 2 late charges and late payments within 60 days. My credit score in affected and it’s not my fault. We are now talking “CLASS ACTION SUIT” here folks. How many people across the US have experienced the same “Corporate Blunder” with Lowe’s VISA (GE Money Bank).

Where is a good lawyer when you need one.

Joe B.

Found At: Lowe’s – corporate blunder

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