I placed an order for delivery and installation of engineered hardwood on 11/1/19. I deliberately chose an in-stock product to minimize the time spent waiting for installation. The delivery was made on 11/4/19. I noticed that some of the flooring boxes were not the correct product. The delivery team verified that the product was incorrect and reloaded it. The delivery team was courteous and apologetic. They said they would notify the store and arrange for the correct product to be delivered.
I called the sales associate who handled the order at that time. He did not apologize or take responsibility for the error, stating that the product must have come from another store and it was their mistake. He said he would follow up. On 11/5/19 I called the store and spoke with a manager who also blamed “the other store” and said he would work on getting the correct product delivered on 11/5/19 or 11/6/19. I heard nothing further and contacted the store again on 11/6/19. I was told that I would receive a return call.
The Lowe’s installers won’t schedule the installation until all the product is at the house. I am in the process of moving and can’t schedule the move until I know when the floor will be installed. There seems to be a store culture of not apologizing and not taking responsibility for errors. I paid over $10, 000 for this flooring installation and have put my move on hold because I can’t schedule the flooring installation. I will avoid using Lowe’s in the future for anything that requires any level of support.

Found At: Lowe’s – flooring delivery/installation

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