I am so unhappy with your customer service. First, your return policy is not “user friendly”. When I return things at Home Depo, they don’t need a receipt nor do I have a time frame.
I wanted to return an air conditioner we had purchased this summer, but never used because we bought one without a thermostat. It was out of the box, without a receipt and past the return by date. However, the employees said, “You can’t return it without the box.” Amazingly, we found the box, made a second trip only to be told I had no receipt and was past the return date. COULD I NOT HAVE BEEN INFORMED OF THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE? Or, better yet, could you simply have let us return a new product- never used- with proof that I had purchased it at that store (from my credit card statement)?
Since Home Depo is so much easier to work with, they will have my loyalty.

Found At: Lowe’s – return policy is very “unuser friendly”

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