Today I went to return a snow blower that we bought two months back. I also bought three years Lowes extended warranty for this product. There was no mechanical fault in the blower but I just did not like the power of the snow blower so I decided to return it or replace it. By the way, even though I bought the snow blower two months back today was my first day to unpack it and use it because it was first bad storm in Toronto since then I bought the snow blower.

The cashier (a good guy) checked the receipt and open the box and checked the gas tank to verify if there is gas in it. There was gas in it so he called his manager (Tonie) and returned to me. He said he was told by his manager that we can return it provided I pump out the gas from it since they cannot return any product that has gas in it. Fair enough. Then I asked him how do I remove gas from it. He said they have a device called gas pump or something like that. I said from where I can buy it. It was 9:00pm so I decided to buy it because I didn’t want to go back home and do all the hassles of packing and unpacking again. He said they have pump device and I should be able to find it in consumer department.

I tried searching the pump in consumer department as I was told by that gentle man. But after few minutes, the same gentle man came and told me that we don’t sell that device. I asked him if any other store sell that device. I then realized that I can go Wal-Mart which is very close from Lowes. He agreed. But all of sudden he said let him talk to his manager again and see if they can do something for me.

This time he talked to a duty manager, Jagh. The manager came and said they cannot return the snow blower because as per company policy they cannot return it since it has passed 30 days return policy. I asked him that I was told 15 minutes back that they will return it provided I remove the gas. But the duty manager was so un-professional and without giving me any other options he said simply no we cannot return it and I have to move the blower from the store since it is dangerous to keep it with gas in it. He also said that even I stay here for whole night he will not return this snow blower. This guy was so rude and un-professional that I cannot explain here.

I asked him why I was told by the cashier that they will return it. Why they did not tell me at the first place instead of wasting my valuable time. The cashier maybe under the pressure or fear of losing his job also changed his statement and said he did not say that they will return it. If this was the case then why I was told to buy the gas pump from Lowes to pump out the gas. Why my time was wasted and then why they changed their statement.

Then I asked that cashier if I can speak to the manager whom he talked earlier and who told him to remove the gas in order to return it. At first I was told that she is now gone from vacation for one week. I mean within 30 minutes she all of sudden decided to go for one week vacation. But after I argued and insisted they agreed to call her. Her name is Tonie. She came and said she never told to that cashier anything like this. They all started lying and started making different stories.

I am not against the Lowes policy of 30 days return. My real complain is why I was given wrong expectations at first place and asked to remove the gas from it to return it. Why I was told to buy the gas pump to remove the gas from snow blower in order to return it. Can they explain why I was told to remove the gas from it and why I was told to buy the gas pump from Lowes to remove the gas?

They just simply lied and did not help me and did not provide any customer service for which I paid. Even they did not give me any other options. I never had such a bad experience from Canadian Tire or Wal-mart.

I would simply never buy anything from Lowes and will never recommend to my friends, family members or anyone to buy from Lowes. Instead I will discourage them not to buy anything from Lowes and will share my experience will everyone I know.

Found At: Lowe’s: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims, Page 82 | ComplaintsBoard

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